Roblox Arsenal Codes 2020 (April 2020)

By | April 28, 2020

In this post, I will show you about Roblox Arsenal Codes 2020. Our Arsenal Roblox Code List has the latest code list that you can redeem for skin and sound. These codes will give you some sweet collections for free so you can look your best when you’re on the battlefield!

Arsenal Codes

Roblox Arsenal has visited 786.7M + players and has become a favorite player of 3,037,657. Who played this game there were 20,675 players and max players who played this game there were 16 players. This game has FPS genre.

Okay here is the latest code list for the Roblox Arsenal game. We will explain below.

Arsenal Codes 2020

  • BLOXY – You received earn 4,000 bucks
  • F00LISH – You received Jackeryz Skin
  • Bandites – You received Bandites Announcer Voice
  • Anna – You received earn the skin Anna
  • FLAMINGO – You received earn the sound Flamingo
  • KITTEN – You received earn the sound Kitten
  • JOHN – You received earn the sound John
  • EPRIKA – You received earn the Butterfly Knife

The code above will be updated from time to time. If there is the latest game code above we will update it as soon as possible. So stay on this website for the next code update.

How to Redeem Codes on Arsenal

This is a very simple process to redeem your code at Arsenal. Look for the Twitter icon after you open the game and Press the button. Click on the “Enter your code in here” section and Type in one of the codes below. After you have entered it correctly, you only need to press the Redeem button and you will be given a prize!

Arsenal Codes

Description Roblox Arsenal

3 Times 2019 Bloxy Winners! Thank you to all of you!

Win by killing with a golden knife, race with a golden knife by killing / helping.

Arsenal also supports R15, Gamepad, Smartphone and has lots of new and strange weapons to fight to the top!

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Reset the store every day. New items always spin!

That was Roblox Arsenal Codes 2020 post. Hopefully the above article can help you. If you have questions write in the comments column and we will help you right away. Thanks for visiting.

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