Bubble Gum Simulator Codes 2020 (May 2020)

By | May 2, 2020

In this article, I will show you about Roblox Bubble Gum Simulator Codes 2020. Here you will find all the Bubble Gum Simulator Codes that are active. Use them to get hatching speed, luck, coins, blocks, gems, pets, candy canes, toys and eggs.

Bubble Gum Simulator Codes

Bubble Gum Simulator Codes

  • Update50 – You received a 2xLuck!
  • Mythic – You received 2xHatchspeed!
  • Update49 – You received a 2xLuck!
  • Merchant – You received 2xHatchspeed!
  • Update48 – You received 2xHatchspeed!
  • Season 8 – You redeemed a 2xLuck!
  • Update47 – You received 2xHatchspeed!
  • Eeaster2020 – You received a 2xLuck!

We will update the latest code as soon as possible which will help you like playing this kind of Roblox game. So, just visit our website the next day to get the latest code when they release a new code.

How to Redeem Codes on Bubble Gum Simulator

This is a very simple process to redeem your code in Bubble Gum Simulator. Look on your screen for the Twitter icon, it has to say the code on it. Click on the area that says “Code Here” and enter one of the codes above. After you have entered it correctly, all you have to do is press the Enter key and you will be rewarded!

Bubble Gum Simulator Codes

Description game Bubble Gum Simulator

  • 50th Anniversary celebrates Bubble Gum Simulator!
  • Eggs unlimited show!
  • Time-limited event chests!
  • 9 new pets!
  • 6 new hats!
  • New feature: Mythics!
  • All new Legendary Pets, since this update, have a chance to hatch in the Mythic Variant! (Chance of 1/200)
  • The Mythic variant has 1.5x normal version statistics!
  • New update 50 challenges!
  • The event cap provides multi-world currency multipliers
  • Shiny and Mythic’s hatches will now be displayed in the chat

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Welcome to Bubble Gum Simulator! Shoot bubbles to the clouds to hit new heights. Sell your bubbles to buy upgrades, or gather coins! Hatch pets as friends to help you on your adventure.

That was the article about Bubble Gum Simulator Codes 2020. Hopefully this article can be useful for you. If you have questions don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments column. Thanks for visiting.

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